"A Free Hotel Planning and Accommodations Service"

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Haines Hotel services do?

   We are a free full-service hotel and meeting planning company.  We handle finding the hotel, researching bids and contract negotiation- AT NO COST to our clients.

How can your service be free?

   We are 100% free to our clients.  We are paid a commission from the hotel and only if the meeting or group materializes.  No contract or fees are required by our clients.

If the hotels pay you—how do we know we are getting the best rate?  

   We have done over 6 million in group business in the last 2 years and have negotiated considerable VOLUME discounts with all the chain hotels as well as independent ones.  YOU benefit from our volume discounts and negotiations.  

I am with the government and have to follow strict guidelines-how can I use an outside service?

   Over 50% of our business is from various government agencies.  There is NO contractual obligation and we work directly with the hotels so we are NOT listed in any of your contracts or hotel bids.  We can also help negotiate a letter of intent to streamline a short-term meeting.

Do you book outside of DC?

   We book all over the
US and internationally.

Besides planning my next meeting what else can you assist with?

   We can help with individual reservations, group blocks, negotiating contracts and catering needs/details, site selections and VIP upgrades.  We also can advise and assist with rooming lists.

I have planned meetings for 10 years why would I use your service?

---we call all the hotels and Convention Bureaus (who cannot negotiate on your behalf because they represent the city) and collect bids as well as assist in any of the planning that you need. We do the RFP and handle all of the bid process.  We are as involved as you need us to be.